Saturday, October 25, 2014

Little Pink Houses of Hope

After a major remodel to my house - roof removal, doubling the size of the kitchen/living/dining room (which wasn't very big to begin with), and adding a mud room! - we are finally back home. In the time we were staying at our friends' house, I had lots of time to crochet.

Last month, a group of ten women who are breast cancer survivors, and their families, were supposed to come up to our area for a week-long retreat. Unfortunately, due to a large amount of smoke in the area because of a major wildland fire, they needed to postpone their visit. Fortunately, their retreat will take place next month. The organization responsible for this retreat is Little Pink Houses of Hope.
logo for littlt pink houses of hope beach house retreats

"We provide FREE week long vacations for breast cancer patients and their families.
We believe a cancer diagnosis does not just affect the patient, but the entire family. Every beach retreat is designed to help families relax, reconnect and rejuvenate during the cancer journey."

A friend is helping to organize the retreat, and our church will be welcoming them with a dinner. I decided I wanted to do something for each of these women, so I made each of them one of these scarves.