Saturday, December 10, 2016

Let It Snow - or - Let It Melt?

Below are two sides of the same pillow. The winter side appropriately says, "Let It Snow!" For spring it will be time to turn it over where it says, "Let It Melt!"

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Dog Bailey

This is a picture of our dog, Bailey. She's been a part of our family for about nine years, and this picture was taken on one of our camping trips. She's a little scruffy, but such a sweetie.

After taking this picture, I found a tutorial about tracing a photo in Silhouette Studio at Silhouette School. Melissa gives wonderful, easy-to-follow instructions for the process. Before I knew it, I printed the image below. 

I was just playing around and was so happy with how it turned out, I showed it to my husband. His first reaction was, "that would look great on a t-shirt!" My response was, "I can do that!" Then, after thinking about it for a bit my thought was, "can I really do that?"

The answer is, "Yes! Yes I can!!!" I gave this to him a few days ago for his birthday, and he is proudly wearing it.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Nephew, the Electrician!

I found out a few weeks ago that my nephew got his Electrical Contractors License. We are all so proud of him. His wife was so excited, she threw him a surprise party to celebrate. Since I have no idea what tools he needs, or wants, I decided to get him a couple of gift cards. Below is the card holder I created for the cards (JK are his initials).

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Little Chef Emma

I made this a few months ago, but was just able to give it to my great niece last weekend. She absolutely loves helping in the kitchen and she wanted to have a cooking, birthday party. I decided she should have her name on her hat and apron. This was my first attempt a layering and I think it was a success!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Butterfly Jar

After adding the glitter to this jar, it still needed something more. I had several ideas running through my head, but nothing really panned out. Then, I found this butterfly. I enjoy the way it sort of peeks through the glass from the other side.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pixie and Fairy Dust - Take 2

I previously posted the jar below, with some slight variations (view here). After viewing opinions for other crafters, I came up with this final product.

Pixie and Fairy Dust

I glittered the jar, then had trouble figuring out what should be added. I didn't really have a plan for the jar. I just wanted to try the glitter technique, which is very easy.

I found the $2 jar at HL on sale for 50% off. That's right, I got it for just $1. I decided that was a low enough cost to practice. I haven't decided yet whether I should use the lid with the rhinestones, or without. What do you think?

The little pixie, relaxing on the glitter, is from Silhouette Design Store.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Dog Bailey!

This afternoon I decided to play with photo tracing with my Silhouette. This is the process of using a picture and creating a traced image which can then, using the Silhouette, be printed on fabric or paper, or cut on vinyl.
Any time I want to try a new Silhouette technique, I go to Silhouette School. She has a great blog and some e-books, to help with various techniques. 
Any way, below is a picture I had of my dog, Bailey, and the traced image of the picture!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Picture Perfect School Bus

I created this for one of my nieces to use in a scrapbook she keeps for her son. She will be placing his school pictures in each of the windows. When I showed it to her, her next question was, "Did you happen to cut two more?" She has three adorable, little boys.
No, I haven't cut two more, but I did save the project. 

I used a "school bus" image created by Samantha Walker, and made some changes to allow for more school pictures.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tahoe Carafes

I made these before Christmas, as gifts for a couple of friends. Of course, me being me, I forgot to take the gifts with me to our pre-Christmas lunch. We finally got together again, and I gave them their gifts, which means I can finally post this picture!